London Dry Gin – The Rules

London Bridge

While many people think that the description London Dry Gin or more simply put, London Gin means that the delicious beverage they’re drinking made its way in to their glass from the city of London – in almost all cases, that’s not actually true (precious few gin distilleries are still within the London city limits). In fact, […]

World Gin Day 2016

World Gin Day 2016

Mark 11 June 2016 in your calendars (and perhaps cancel any plans for the day after) – World Gin Day is nearly here! In its’ eighth year already, World Gin Day is celebrated worldwide and the official website has a handy list of events – mostly on the day itself, but a couple get in […]

Negroni Week 2016


Negroni Week is upon us again! Started in 2013 as a delicious way to raise money for charity, Negroni Week will run from 6-12 June this year. It’s a global celebration that well over 100 bars across Australia are joining, so you’re sure to find a venue near you. 🙂 My plans? I’m going to […]