McHenry Distillery Parliamentary Librarian’s Gin

Parliamentary Librarian's Gin, from McHenry Distillery

Parliamentary gin?

On a work trip to our nation’s capital, I decided to pay a visit to Parliament and discovered a rather delicious gin in the gift shop. Because of course a Parliamentary Librarian needs their own gin!

Surprisingly, there’s precious little information available online about this gin. Nothing on the McHenry Distillery website, nothing on the Parliamentary Librarian’s website, no reviews and only a handful of pics on Instagram. Good luck finding it, too – apparently the only place you can buy it is the Parliament Gift Shop! The bottle tells me it is “A capital gin, produced by a joint sitting of McHenry Distillers”. Indeed.

What’s in the bottle?

This isn’t a typical new-world Australian gin with boatloads of personality and overbearing botanicals; it’s more a refreshing take on a London Gin without overdoing the juniper. My taste buds detected the juniper upfront with a bit of peppery zing, followed by star anise and citrus. Very approachable – no alcohol burn – which speaks to the quality of the ingredients and distillation process.

How to drink it

Because the Parliamentary Librarian’s gin is so mild-mannered, it will play nice with the other ingredients in a cocktail (I’m thinking this would be the perfect gin in a Last Word). I’ve also been very happy sampling it neat while writing this post! 🙂

Gin nerd stuff

  • ABV: 40%
  • Style: Distilled Gin
  • Botanicals: nothing dominant