Airborne Gin: Virgin Australia Business

Virgin Australia Beefeater Gin

First in a series on gin while travelling – find out what gin you can look forward to onboard with Virgin Australia’s domestic business class service, as well as how to drink it!

I recently decided to treat myself to a little upgrade from economy to business for a domestic flight with Virgin Australia (the same sort of thing as upgrading from coach to first, for those more used to US airline terminology). After I burnt through a stack of points in exchange for a boarding card in row 1, my very next thought was – “I hope they’re not serving Gordon’s!” 😉

I needn’t have worried; Virgin Australia pour Beefeater London Dry Gin on board their domestic flights. While not necessarily my favourite gin, it’s a very traditional, juniper-forward London gin that mixes well in a G&T.

Another interesting fact about Beefeater London Dry is that it is a London gin that’s actually from London – and one of the oldest gin recipes to still be made in London today.

In celebration of treating myself to an upgrade – and given that Virgin Australia have recently added sparkling wine to the onboard bar – I decided to fix myself the delicious beverage featured in the picture for this post:

  • One part Beefeater London Dry gin
  • Three parts dry ginger ale
  • Freshen with a splash of sparkling wine
    (use a sparkling wine that’s not too dry)
  • Garnish with slices of lemon

No name for the drink as yet – leave your name suggestions in the comments!